A Positive Message

Moti Horenstein's Hisardut Krav-Maga

A Positive Message!

Are you ready to make it your best ever? Would you like it to be your best year for health, wealth and happiness?

If you want to predict the future, you must create it. Start be creating the perfect year in your mind. If you close your eyes and picture what you want to achieve over the next 12 months, you would be practicing a technique called visualization. Have you taken the time to think about your dreams and goals? Have you drafted up your WISHLIST? That’s a vital step to preparing yourself for your best year ever. Think it and ink it. This is when you write down anything and everything you want to achieve. No limits, no boundaries and no-holds barred.  Write down everything and anything as if you knew you absolutely could not fail. There are no unrealistic goals, only unrealistic deadlines.

“A Goal is merely a dream with a deadline!”
The moment you write down your goal, you have begun to create it and take action toward it’s attainment.
Experts say that the simple act of writing down your resolutions for the New Year, gives them 10x more power and increases your odds of success ten fold.

Action T-N-T=>Today-Not-Tomorrow!

Take the time to write down your Goals for the Year. Prepare to be your best!