MHMMA has been a transformative experience for my family.  Hanshi Horenstein is a master teacher, inspiring our children to reach their potential in and out of the dojo, instilling values of self-reliance and personal responsibility as they study the martial arts.  After watching how much fun my sons were having, I joined as well, and the training has paid off greatly with improved health, stamina, and energy.  Thank you MHMMA!

-Hillel Abramson, PhD, father of Alexander and Boaz ages 10 & 7

Moti Horenstein’s Mixed Martial Arts Academy was instrumental in Leigh’s development from a shy, quiet child into a self-confident and powerful young adult. The mixed martial arts training has provided her with both a strong mind and body and the motivation  and perseverance to be the best that she can be in every challenge that she confronts. Not only has she achieved her black belt goal, but she has achieved the qualities that are necessary to be a leader and a teacher. She attributes her confidence and self-esteem to her years spent at the Dojo under Shihan’s guidance.

-Kathy Kremer, mother of Leigh age 15

I recommend MHMMA very highly to any parent who wants their child to grow both physically and mentally.This is a tremendous opportunity for kids to exercise (out of the sun) in a safe environment, be challenged and also learn important self defense skills  Children learn the ability to focus and follow instructions and to be part of a team.  .  As a parent, I can’t say enough about how beneficial the positive environment, discipline, skills and physical exercise are to anyone,!  I take classes and so does my 10 year old daughter.  Joining MHMMA is like being welcomed into a great new circle of family and friends.  The character development programs are tremendous! This is a life altering program for anyone.  I truly believe that my family has benefited greatly from all the wonderful experiences we’ve had at MHMMA.

-Robert Hayhurst, Pilot, father of Haley age 10

I started out at MHMMA as a parent.  My daughter Maia wanted to do karate.  I would sit and watch her, excited for what she was learning!  We’d  go home and practice together!  It wasn’t long before I started training too.  Choosing MHMMA for her black belt journey has changed both of our lives.  I’ve watched her become more confident and happy.   She has learned to set goals and achieve them with perseverance, discipline and focus.  I love martial arts and am amazed at how much it has improved my health and added so much joy to my life.  As a mom I feel at peace knowing that my daughter knows how to protect herself.  MHMMA is our 2nd home!

-Katie Vyn, mother of Maia age 9

My son was six years old when I enrolled him at MHMMA.  He was not doing any sports and was spending his time following me around running errands.  He was very shy and lacked ambition.  After taking lessons from Shihan Moti, my son follows the academy’s principles as a guide in his daily life.  He is more out-spoken to people.  He also set his goals to do his best in school.  As for his MA training, he is to be able to learn, achieve and meet the requirements needed as expected by the academy for his next belt level.

-Annabelle Rodriguez, mother of Evan age 9

My eight year old twin girls have been at MHKA for three years.   My favorite thing about MHKA is  the incredible sense of family.  We are always invited into the Dojo with warmth and genuine affection.  MHKA really takes the time to work with me to help my kids be at their best by reinforcing the values I teach at home. The children are constantly exposed to positive role models because the older students help with the little ones to support and to guide.  My kids now answer, “Yes, ma’am” instead of “yeah” when I address them.  They do their homework without being reminded. Not only are they getting a well-rounded martial arts education but they are also growing into self-controlled, polite, and responsible people.

-Marina Lantsman, elementary school teacher and mother of twins Sarah & Rachel age 8

Aside from my family, MHKA is the best part of my life. No matter how tired or stressed I feel, I always leave the Dojo feeling energized, destressed, and a little bit better than the last time I trained. MHKA is not just a place to go to learn Martial Arts and self-defense, it is a place to call home for you and your family. Shihan Moti and Melissa have created an atmosphere of positive energy, respect, dedication, and committment. Your children will be taught to have a “Black belt attitude” in every aspect of their lives. The principles you acquire in the Dojo carry over into every aspect of your life. Whether your whole family is training or just the kids, becoming a part of this family will be one of the best moves you ever make for yourself, your kids, and your whole family.

-Patty Alevy

OSU! I am not only a student but a proud member of the MHKA team. I was a typical person caught up in the same day to day activities of life. After driving past the academy numerous times I finally came in for a trial class and I have been a student ever since. Goals we set, are goals we get. MHKA has given me new goals in life and the positive energy to achieve them. Everything that I have learned at MHKA from self-defense to self-discipline and all the other principles of the black belt attitude can be applied both in the dojo and in every aspect of my life. Aside from my family MHKA is the best part of my life. Thanks Shihan and Melissa! OSU!

-Michael Diaz

MHKA has instilled in me self discipline . With honesty, integrity, humility, courtesy, harmony, self-disciple and indomitable spirtit, I have enhanced my performance in school and my outlook on life. I have become more respectful, focused, and strong because of Moti Horenstein’s Karate and kickboxing Academy.

-Danielle Utianski, age 14

Animo a los padres de familia a tener una experiencia de cambio en disciplina para sus hijos en la academia MHKA y mi experiencia mi hijo cambio en menos de 3 meses un 100% de disciplina, respeto, enfocarse en la escuela y la casa.

-Eliana Gonzales, North Miami Beach

I am pleased to have enrolled my son into Moti Horenstein Karate and Kickboxing Academy 15 months ago. My son was 6 years old at the time. He was not doing any sports and was spending his time following me around running errands and going to the mall. He was also very shy and lack ambition. After taking karate lessons from Shihan Moti for a year or more now, my son follows the academy’s principles as a guide in his daily life. In home, school and sports (now karate and T-ball), he learned to utilize all of the 8 principles such as, discipline, fitness, coordination, focus, teamwork, control, balance and memory. He is more out-spoken to people. He also set his goals to do his best in school, T-ball and as for karate is to be able to learn, achieve and meet the requirements needed as expected by the academy for his next belt level.

-Annabelle Rodriguez, North Miami Beach